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Dimensions : 50cm (non-contractual indicative values)

Colour : Red

Packaging : 70g

Use : Exclusive indoor use / Do not water / Do not expose to sunlight / Keep away from heat sources

Photos: All our photos are without any touch-ups. However, it is difficult to render the true colours of a product. Note also that the colour rendering may vary from one screen to another 

Rice Flower Black


Generalities : Preserved plants are natural. Variations in sizes, shapes and colours can exist between elements of the same reference. Some parts may present slight defects

Use : Can be glued with hot glue or cold floral glue.

Humidity : If the humidity level is too high, a few drops of colour can flow from the flower. Dark colours flow more easily. Do not put it in contact with any other flower or light-coloured porous material to prevent it from dying.

Light & heat exposure : The plant exposed to the sun for extended periods of time may discolour - Exposed to heat, it dries out.

Evolution over time : Over time, plants tend to wither and fade more or less.

Lifespan: one to fifteen years (if maintain in good condition)

Odour : Preserved foliage have a natural smell. This one fade away after weeks

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