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Ithaca Model 49 Serial Number Lookup [March-2022]




ITHACA 49 SINGLE IS NEW ITHACA DOUBLE REMOVED THE RIFLE GRADE COLLECTION. 1883-1908. Jun 20, 2013 New Ithaca 49 Double, no serial number at all. In the collection of the American Sportsman Museum. Jan 11, 2014 Going to go to the American Sportsman museum to see if I have my 1963 model 49, it's been there for years. I think the museum has a letter from Ithaca saying it's authentic. When I get there I will know for sure. Only thing to look for is a gun serial number on the left hand side of the receiver. Aug 18, 2014 The gun does not have a serial number. Not sure if this is actually "new" or "used", but it is there at the museum. Apr 24, 2017 As for the lower the M49 is the older guns were made up to the start of WW2. Some guns were made with wood checkered like the ones from the factory shown in the video. As for the upper many are castings not milled. Dec 15, 2014 Yes. The number is stamped in a slanted font on the forward edge of the barrel forward of the recoil lug. Apr 7, 2015 Year of manufacture of Model 49's, 75's, 60's, 70's, 10's, 30's, 22's, 48's, 19's, 26's, 58's, 46's, 24's, 23's, 22's, 21's, 20's, 2.4's, 1.7's, 1.6's, 15's,.22's, 9mm's, New Ithaca 49 single, no serial number at all. In the collection of the American Sportsman Museum. May 30, 2018 For those who have a Model 49, but no serial number. A lot of the boys in my hunter safety class have M49s and are wondering if they have serial numbers, they just don't know if they do or don't. Jul 27, 2015 As for the serial numbers on the Ithaca Model 49's, the earliest production model that I know of has a serial number on the left side of the receiver. The serial number is usually stamped in the lower right-hand corner of the receiver, and in smaller type than the markings on the top of the receiver. The